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Pest Protection Services’ Integrated Pest Management System

When you call Pest Protection Services, you’ll find that we use a time-tested and widely-accepted approach to eradicating pest problems: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


This approach involves four steps:

   Setting an action threshold, which is the point at which pest control is required;

   Monitoring and identifying pests, which means recognizing that not all insects/animals are harmful and identifying the ones that are;

   Prevention, which means taking steps to keep pests out; and

   Control, using the least-risky methods first (such as natural solutions) and then monitoring for effectiveness and taking stronger measures, if necessary.

Safer Methods

By following these steps, Pest Protection Services ensures that pesticides aren’t overused or sprayed indiscriminately and that any pesticides used are specific to the problem. In that way, we strive to protect not only the environment, but also our customers.

A Responsible Choice

When you hire Pest Protection Services, rest assured that you’re making a responsible choice. Call us today for any pest control needs you have in your home, cottage, business, farm, factory or institution.

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