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Let Pest Protection Services Nix Risk of Illness and Damage from Bugs

If you’re finding Indian meal moths in your cereal or ants congregated around your bathroom sink, it’s easy to see that you have a pest problem. But what about the problems you can’t see?

Prevent Disease and Damage

What you can’t see can hurt you, as in the case of termites. Call Pest Protection Services to take care of both visible and invisible pests. Not only will you save yourself some headache, but you’ll reduce the chances that you’ll suffer insect-borne illnesses or even damage to your property.

Let Us Help!

Trust Pest Protection Services for pest eradication and prevention of infestation by:

    They are similar to houseflies when it comes to spreading diseases among humans. Easy to identify and tough to get rid of, cockroaches can really be troubling. They usually search for warmth while finding a home and can eat almost anything.
  • RATS
    They are among the rodents that cause high damage to properties around the world. Apart from eating and contaminating food, chewing up cables and fabric, these carry many diseases which can be dangerous for you and your loved ones.
    Rabies is very common among raccoons, hence they pose the threat of a serious disease and can also attack you if they feel provoked.
    These are easily identifiable due to the bad smell associated with them. While they aren’t known for spreading diseases, they can often be aggressive towards humans and their pets.
    They can make a mess of your place in search of food and can even attack pets and children. It is better to keep them off your property.
    Squirrels can cause structural damage to your house by trying to dig a hole in the walls for nesting in the attic. They can also carry parasites and diseases which can affect you or your pets.
  • BATS
    They are known to spread many diseases that can be fatal for human life. Also, they are a nuisance for the people living in the house.
    Having birds living inside your house or building can be a problem as their droppings will be everywhere. They can also carry diseases and parasites that humans can easily contract.

Bed Bugs

You see it everywhere on the news -- bed bugs are back with a vengeance! These hard-to-eradicate pests have become very active once again in London, ON and the area.

We’ll Rid You of Bed Bugs

These tiny, blood-sucking insects need special treatment. Pest Protection Services has the equipment and the skill to successfully rid houses, apartment complexes and hotels of bed bugs – give us a call to discuss our bed bug treatment. Meanwhile, read about what you should do to prepare for a bed bug treatment.

How Our Approach Means Less Pesticide Risk for You

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